Can you say it today?

  • Our salespeople and channels know how to initiate new buying cycles with new prospects effectively
  • We have enough qualified prospects in our pipeline
  • The leads we send to our salesforce are already qualified
  • We don’t use pre-sales technical people until prospects first know how they want to use our products
  • We have transitioned from Product Marketing and Product Selling to Customer Usage Marketing and Consultative Selling

Would you like to be able to say that? 

If so,  #SocialSellingPro Program might be a good choice for you. 

#SocialSellingPRO is designed for all those professionals in the IT industry who are looking for effective strategy to reach new customers. We invite Marketing Managers, Sales Leaders, Business Owners, Resellers, Distribution, consulting agencies & IT start-ups to join the program and benefit form a unique combination of sales skillset development and lead generation campaigns.

Watch the video introduction to #SocialSellingPro and  check if you qualify for the program at