“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture.”

- Bashō

Conference Host - Magda Petryniak

“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture.”

- Bashō

Engage – Connect – Disrupt

If there is one truth about every conference, forum or webinar, it’s that the delivery is just as important as the message. If you are 100% focused on making this one particular event count, you need to surround yourself with as much competence, experience, and quality, as you can.

  • Do you need a knowledgeable and quick-witted moderator with an international experience for your business event?
  • Does your association require a master of ceremonies who can keep up with your experts?
  • Does your company need the help of an outside consultant to develop the conference program?

I have run and hosted more than 100 conferences in business, technology and industry, both in Poland and around the world. It’s enough to know that the days of organizing events for the events’ sake are long gone.

In an age when everybody has something to say, be the one who actually connects with your audiences. I can help!

Conference Host - Magda Petryniak


Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. And though you may plan your event from start to finish, there is always an element of unknown – one guest loses internet connection, someone else forgets his talking points, and so on. In situations like these, having a charismatic and knowledgeable conference host is like a failsafe that allows you to just kick back and enjoy the show. With Magda, you are in safe hands.

Paulina Katkiewicz, Marketing Manager Northern & Eastern Europe, Extreme Networks

If you are…

1) an Program Director who is looking for a rare combination of business practitioner and professional speaker well-versed in international technology and business events,

2) an Organization Leader who could use some help moving from a traditional event to a hybrid or virtual one,

3) a Marketing Manager who wants to turn the event into a valuable sales and marketing tool,

I will use my extensive background as a conference producer, professional event host and public speaker with a wealth of experience working at all kinds of events throughout the Europe, Asia, and North America to keep your audiences engaged and your voice heard.

My recipe for running a successful event?
Know your stuff!

There are lots of great event hosts and emcees. Some of them rely on their charisma, some use their strong competence in certain areas. I asked myself: why not connect the dots? Why not use both?

After running my own PR agency, working with the media for over 10 years and giving more than 350 TV and radio interviews as a spokesperson, I feel safe to say that crowds and cameras have become my friends. On the other hand, collaborating with numerous CEOs, sales executives, marketing leaders and technology visionaries has taught me to always get to the bottom of things.

Whether it’s business, science or tech, I am your partner and I will work with your experts. Need proof? With the Cracow School of Business, I have built the largest MBA Congress in Poland from scratch. As the Chief of Conferences and Special Programs at the Harvard Business Review, I ran over 50 business conferences with top-notch speakers from all around the globe. I had the honor and pleasure of hosting:

  • CYBERSEC, the biggest cybersecurity forum in Europe,
  • “People and Climate. Solidarity and Just Transition” Summit for the Polish National Research Center for Climate Change,
  • A number of debates at the Economic Forum in Krynica.

Need a professional help with your event? I always come prepared.