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“People follow people they trust”

- Mike Bosworth

“People follow people they trust”

- Mike Bosworth

Connect – Influence – Lead

Any organizational change, both big and small, internal or external, requires effective communication. Whether you wish to move from product sales to service business, implement a digital transformation initiative or stay on top of the company integration after the merger, your success will depend on your influencing skills.

  • Do your employees understand & identify with your message?
  • Do your partners see themselves in the vision that you create and commit to participate?
  • Do your customers trust you and want to buy from you?
  • Do your stakeholders feel included?

Having worked with more than 100 organizations from Poland and all over the world has shown me that embracing human-centric communication and building trust brings visible and measurable results: better performing teams, more effective sales, more loyal customers.


I had a pleasure to collaborate with Magdalena Petryniak and work out the tailored story telling training for telco commercial managers. Ridiculously efficiency, personal commitment and quality are the phrases that comes to mind when I think about Magdalena.

Tomasz Dreslerski, Key Account Sales Director & Vice President of the Board, Orange

If you are…

1) a Leader of the organization or unit and you want people to feel engaged and follow your vision,

2) a Sales Executive who leads the sales transformation and wishes to attract top talent or develop the one you have,

3) a Head of the Marketing who wants to leverage leadership skills and build a customer-centric messaging,

I will teach you how to achieve your goals by building trust, connecting with and impacting your key audiences.

This offer is best suited for small and medium-sized organizations looking for a condensed learning experience for smaller teams on-site or entire business units during the company events. By listening to my story, your people will be able to create their own – one that works towards your common goals. All it takes is 60-120 minutes of your time. Driving change, selling a highly technical solutions or motivating people to do difficult things can be easier than you think.

All you need is a method that works.

I have mastered my influence skills under the mentorship of Mike Bosworth, author of the acclaimed Solution Selling and Customer Hero Selling® Methods. Mike was virtually the first man on Earth to teach engineers how to sell technology, shifting from the product-centric to customer-centric approach based on storytelling and emphatic listening. I design and deliver training and development programs with a team of certified Story Seekers coaches. As a part of Mike Bosworth Leadership global team and the head of Story Seekers Poland I have applied that competence model to many organizations all around the world.

Now I want to pass that knowledge on to you.

My recipe for an effective training and consulting?
100% personal development, 0% nonsense

Forget about lectures and generic book case studies. Focus on practical knowledge and skills that are relevant to your goals! With my help, you and your people not only will know what to do. You will also know how to do it and actually want to do it.

1) Knowledge. We will start off with a design workshop or two to learn the contexts of the organization, map processes and build a development program based on valid methodologies customer / employee insights and best industry practices.

2) Competence. Time to practice what we preach. You will train preparing experts to non-experts presentations & selling or pitching innovative products and services… by actually doing it.

3) Behavior. Conviction is one of the most valuable traits of leaders and salespeople. Let’s solidify your newly acquainted abilities and turn your audiences into long-lasting customers!