“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Coaching - Magda Petryniak

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Aspire – Captivate – Achieve

You can’t reach your summit alone – take it from a mountaineer and a businesswoman. When the goals are set high, the ability to grow trust and influence your audiences without manipulating them goes a long way. It is easier to climb it with a moving, personal story!

  • Do you wish to establish your personal brand?
  • Do you need your employees, partners or stakeholders to hear your vision?
  • Do you want to explore a new path in your personal or professional life?

When you want to make a lasting change, putting trust in hard plans, rational arguments, and quantitative metrics alone will only get you so far. Build a vision around them, and it’s a completely different story. So tell me yours. Let’s turn it into a life-changing experience!

Coaching - Magda Petryniak


Tomasz Plata

Magdalena has her own definition of sale, namely "the invitation to cooperation". I love that sentence, as well as many other ones I heard from her. Brilliant, eager to listen, focused on the goal and always perfectly prepared. You are guaranteed that during the cooperation with you, she will surprise you more than once with recommendations regarding your business and even yourself.

Tomasz Plata, CMO & Co-founder, Autenti

If you are…

1) an Entrepreneur who wants to win new customers and attract the best talent on the market?

2) a Business Executive who would like to turn the new strategy, restructuring plan or company transformation into a compelling vision,

3) a Startup Owner who wishes to scale up your business, bring more attention to your product, and turn followers into loyal customers,

I will gladly help you uncover the turning points in your life and find reasons to be proud of yourself by delivering a powerful coaching session or producing a groundbreaking interview with you. With my help, you will become the hero of your own story!

My recipe for valuable coaching?
It is not about me. It is about you!

When I gave my first coaching session in Asia San Diego, US I already knew that helping others unlock their full potential is what I love and do best. Believe it or not, sometimes making a hero can be more challenging than actually becoming one! But I have a method – it is called experiential learning. Wish to know what hundreds of interviews with business, technology and science leaders have taught me? It is your story that matters the most!