My Story

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”

- Bashō

Training and Consulting - Magda Petryniak

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”

- Bashō

Who I am?

An adventurer. Both in business and in life. Whether it’s the highest mountain or the deepest hidden truth, I get to the bottom of things to stay on top of things.

But no one ever made it the top of Kilimanjaro alone. Driving change all by yourself can often prove an insurmountable task, too. Luckily, I have a knack for building bridges. Wherever I go, I am interested in creating strong, authentic relations to deliver and support transformation, change, and growth.

There’s inherent value in listening to other people’s stories and passing them on. Care to find it?

Current Affairs

  • Owner & CEO / Story Seekers Poland
  • Adjunct Professor at the Executive MBA Program / Cracow School of Business
  • Strategic Communication Advisor – Influence Coach – Public Speaker
Training and Consulting - Magda Petryniak

My background

My academic and professional background has always revolved around communication, influence, leadership, and building trust. By mastering change, both on a personal and organizational level, I feel more than comfortable in the ever-changing world of business, innovation, and technology.

My turning points


The First Online Story Seekers Summer Academy

Most people would rather forget 2020 even existed. Me, I’ve always tried to take lessons from both good and bad. Our first online edition has reminded me that in a world of isolation, empathy and mindfulness are the keys to an effective communication via video conferencing.


An all-female expedition to Kilimanjaro

My love for hiking and exploration eventually led me to the Kilimanjaro mountain. I could go on and on with fancy metaphors, but the story of Teresa Wietoska, aged 71, our colleague from the Kilimanjaro Association, showed me first-hand that greatness truly comes from overcoming your weaknesses


The Chinese Way: listening with Ting

At that point in time I was fairly sure I knew how to listen. I was proven wrong. An amazing series of workshops in Asia have helped me rethink my role in communication entirely, teaching me mindfulness and engaging my capacity to be present for another as well as being present for myself.


My first workshop as a coach: San Diego, USA

It was time to put ‘my story’ aside and turn all my knowledge and skills into a valuable learning experience. This is when I introduced my experiential learning method for the first time. From that point forward, I was all about making heroes, whether at my coaching sessions or giving a power speech.


My first encounter with the Story Seekers® method

It was my 15th HBR conference. Mike Bosworth, the man behind the world’s most acclaimed consultative sales processes, owns the stage and audience, explaining why 13% of salespeople are selling 87% of the business. Story Seekers Poland is born and I’m entering the training and consulting territory.


My first global event: The International MBA Congress

By that time, I had had my fair share of experience as a conference host and coordinator for various events and press briefings. Building the largest MBA Congress in Poland from scratch was… something else. It definitely helped me develop my ability to build lasting relations based on mutual trust.


My first nation-wide campaign: Poland Without Smoke

I like to think that our anti-smoking campaign, which effectively outlawed smoking in public spaces in Poland, has helped save more than a few human lives. The four years of campaigning has taught me that if you base your communication on your “why”, you can literally change the world!


My first company: The Social Public Relations Agency

Every change begins with the first step. From the day I took mine as an entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to focus on programs that bring about lasting and meaningful social impact. It was not until then that I realized the power of a story. Story as a vehicle for communicating things that really matter.